Hollis M1 Mask


A few months back I got a Hollis M1 mask from Jason at Deep Stop Scuba, and since then I have admired it daily, sitting in its container amongst my dive gear. I have been itching to get in the water again, so I could give it a try.

Well finally my dive season got rolling a few weeks ago, and since my first splash of the season I have been wearing the M1. My dives have a whole new vision now, literally. This masks frameless design provides a very large viewing area. I was worried at first, compared to my other frameless masks that the Hollis looked really big, and I was concerned that it would feel really big on. But it doesn’t, it feels compact and light while still giving great field of vision.

The silicone skirt is soft and sits nicely on my face, and I have found the fit is such that there is no need for synching up the straps, a common habit when a mask takes on water as a result of poor fit. I have a big head, and a big face, but this mask fits like a glove with no synching.

This mask does not seem fog up easily either  This could easily be a product of my imagination, or maybe my previous masks have not been as good quality, but either way I have found in the sometimes rush to get off the boat and into the water, forgetting to use defog has not created an issue. A quick rinse of the mask I am ready to go.

Thus far I have been very impressed with this mask. It seems a simple piece of gear, but as divers we know that a leaky mask or one that is fogging up, to tight, or lacks a good field of vision, can really put a damper on an otherwise great dive.

The Hollis M1 has quickly become my go to mask for diving, and it, along with some other Hollis gear I have, has reinforced for me that Hollis is making quality gear.

If you’re in the market for a new mask and even if you’re not, I would definitely consider trying out the Hollis M1. If your in the Syracuse area, stop in and see the folks at Deep Stop Scuba that carry the M1 and other Hollis gear, along with a wide range of quality gear from top-notch brands.


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